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Defacto Office Cubicle Webcam Shot!

You came here expecting to find a great write up about who I am, what I stand for and my life story.  Well, you might be partially correct.

First and foremost, welcome to my little corner of the internet, or as I like to call it, where motivation and personal accountability intersect.

I am an over-achiever and a perfectionist, to a fault.  Everything has it’s place, but I do not think everyone has their own place. I have a huge desire and love of traveling and seeing the world, which I do not get to do enough of.  I have an absolutely amazing wife and great friends.  My partners in crime if you will.

Aren't we cute?

I met my wife over 5 years ago and were officially married in September of 2010.  She is my rock and my motivation.  Best part about her, she is just like me.  Driven, inspired and a travel lover who is always up for an adventure.  We have done trips all over this country and still have plenty more to see.  Our shared goal is to use our passports as much as possible.  There are too many beautiful places in the world to see, only to never leave the confines of your house/city/state.  We have covered California and now must take our adventures elsewhere!

I have had the great opportunity to take 3 separate road trips across this country that have covered almost 6000 miles and more than 2/3 of the states in the continental U.S.  The love of the open road, the diversity of food and culture across this great country is what keeps me starving for more.

My ultimate goal is to travel the world, either for a living, or while working.  Some call it passive income, others call it location independence or being a digital nomad.  I have not quite found my path on that journey just yet, but it is paramount in my long term priorities.

The Famed Yard of Bricks

For the time being, I make my living as a Systems Engineer. No matter how I spin that, it will never be interesting or compelling.  I fix computers.  2 weeks of vacation per year bothers me, and the 8am drive to the office is what motivates me to always be working towards a better life, in my personality, my actions and my writing.  It is with hard work that I will achieve my goals.

Lake Tahoe, CA

I strive to live a life worth living, and a life worth reading about. A life to tell stories about.  A life to show others that they too, with hard work, can make their goals a reality.

My kind of dead presidents

Chillin on the New England Coast, 2009

I created this blog 2 years ago, as my personal site where I threw up product reviews, software reviews, rants/raves and various insights into my life.  You can find those articles in the archives.  I have decided to keep them here for posterity sake, to remind me where this blog came from.

I renewed my desire to pursue this blog when I came across Steve Kamb’s Blog and his transformation into the Go To Nerd who would now be travelling around the world.  I read more. And More. and 2 days later I was discovering my inner minimalist. I was finding a new direction for my blog and for my life.

I want to live my life with as much happiness and fulfillment as possible, and I want to help others do the same.

If you like my blog, please feel free to pass it along to friends, family and coworkers, or anyone else you might know who would benefit from reading my stories.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or via email.


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