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January 25, 2011 / Justin Hamlin

The Final 9 Days

This is a rush job of a blog, as I am working on the final days of my employment, lining up some small projects for the near future and trying to successfully plan and execute moving my wife and I back east

I will tell you right now, the future is bright, opportunities are piling up and the next 9 days are going to be completely stressful.

9 Days

As many of you have read, Juliet and I are moving to New York state.  The date of the flight has been set and as of February 3rd, 2011, we are out of California.

Our way to Corporate Housing in New York has been established and we have our destination for the next 6 months.  And while it might seem as though we are getting things pretty easy by having movers, corporate housing and such, if I had my choice, I think it would be easier to plan the entire move in a few weeks, rather than the small pieces I have to attack in the next week and a half.  This is where things get a little stressful for me.

In addition to working until Friday, January 28th, we have a few other important deadlines we have to meet before we leave:

  1. My car is being shipped out on Monday, January 31st.
  2. Anything we need to have back in NY that we cannot carry on the plane with us, will need to be shipped via UPS by Friday, January 28th.
  3. If we can’t take it on the plane in checked luggage, it needs to make it into the January 28th shipment

So the first item does not create too much of a problem, we can be a one car family for a few weeks while my car is in transit. The second item is what is making things a little nuts.  In addition to working, we are trying to do our best to spend as much time with friends and family before we leave, which gives us on average about 1-2 hours a day to take care of our task list before we leave.

Should not be a problem, except our task list is rather long and requires some serious man hours, preparation and planning.

Due Date : January 28, 2011

Prepare and Pack Items to Ship

As it stands right now, if we are not going to be able to take certain things with us in our checked luggage on the flight to NY, we will need to ship those items via UPS prior to our departure.  After some research, we can have 2 checked bags, under 50lbs each, for a total of $60 per person.  That is up to 200lbs of luggage for $120.  Not bad considering a 50lb box shipped via UPS Ground is $65.

Items that are making it into our shipment include:

  • Juliet’s extra clothes.  She will keep 7 days of regular clothes in California and bring them with us in her checked luggage, just in case the UPS ground shipment is delayed for any reason.  She will also pack in her checked bags 5 days of work clothes due to the same precautions.  This includes the majority of her clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Justin’s extra clothes.  For me, this works out to a few sweatshirts, few pairs of shoes, few hats and a few dress clothes, just in case the impromptu job interview comes up in the next 6 months.  Due to my involvement with Project 333, my dependency on retaining a lot of clothes has dropped significantly.
  • Justin’s computer equipment.  I will need to have the ability to work when in corporate housing, and a netbook or tablet just won’t cut it.  Also, I do not have a laptop, so the computer tower, 1 monitor, associated cables and ancillary computer equipment gets packed and shipped.
  • Dog amenities.  Since we are in pet friendly hotel, our 2 smallest dogs, Daisy and Zero are coming along with us in the plane, therefore we need to ensure that we have the items neccessary to care for them in New York without purchasing much additional.  This includes dog beds, a small crate, food and water bowls, leashes, collars and other small items.  This should allow us to only need to purchase food and a small gate for them in NY.
  • Accessory Items.  Let’s face it.  I am a lot more comfortable with shipping things via UPS than in the cargo hold of a plane.  With the TSA horror stories, things like an extra knife, cleaning supplies and related items will be better fit to be shipped via UPS and be left untampered.

Due Date : February 3, 2011

Inventory all Household Items

By far the biggest undertaking in the next few days.  With relatives moving into our hours and some of our possessions being displaced, I want a full inventory done before the moving company proceeds to pack and transport our things back east.  This wil give us a good idea of the amount of items we have, but also have a full inventory for any missing or broken items prior to a 3rd party company packing our items.  Will also help with any insurance claims, should anything be broken or damaged.

Prepare and Pack Luggage

My goal is to do a few dry runs of this so that we can accomplish a few things, such as avoiding any unneccessary overweight baggage fees, as well as ensure that all of our items fit into 2 checked items and 1 carry on per person (we will also each have a dog with us as a carry on).  This will also help in identifying if anything else needs to be shipped instead of making into our checked luggage.

Prepare House

As it stands right now, my brother-in-law and his son will be moving into our place so they can have both a bigger place to live, but also to help with Juliet’s mom.  It helps us out in so many ways, but we need to prepare the house as we will have almost all of our belongings in the house, as well as the belongings of 2 more people living there, all while we are not.  So our goal is to make life as comfortable for them as we can before we leave without impacting them for the entirety of those 6 months.  This includes disassembling a custom-built 13’x3′ floating desk that I built in our office, or downstairs bedroom, and convert it back to a bedroom and store all of our excess items from that room, such as Juliet’s computer and 3 monitors.

Transfer Utilities

Goes along with the above item, but Juliet and I need to trasnfer all of our utilities over to my brother-in-law’s name so that there is no interruption in service for any of the utilities.  Pretty straight forward process, but we have about a half dozen services to transfer over, and that just takes time and coordination, as most of the service companies require both us and my brother-in-law to be on the phone at the same time.

Mom’s Technical Support

How many 81 year old’s do you know who ask for a photo scanner and an external hard drive for Christmas?  Me, I know one.  My mother in law, the same person who knows how to Skype with her kids and grandkids.  Before I leave, I need to setup her scanner and external hard drive on her computer, set everything to back up and teach her how to use her scanner.  Should be straight forward with the Canon scanner utilities and the buttons the front of the scanner.  I also need to download some of our family photos from my network drive over to her computer so she has them to look at when we are gone.

Cancel California Services

Already well on our way to finalizing this, we have cancelled our gym memberships, wine club shipments and the final thing to cancel will be our toll roads Fast Pass for California.


Last but not least, we need to get the ball rolling on researching some of the basics that we will need once in New York, such as the EZ-Pass for the toll roads in the north east.  There is more to this research list, but those things can wait until we get back there.

So there you go.  9 days to get all that done, even less for some of the things.  A lot of little things, a few big things.

Anything I am missing?




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  1. Jaime / Jan 25 2011 8:07 pm

    WOW okay I thought you were kidding early about how stressed you should be. After reading this I can understand why. Looks like you have a lot to do. Just keep calm & take it easy. Tackle a few task a day that you can get done & go from there. Your to-do list is a lot more extensive then mine. Good luck getting it all done. The next 9 days will fly by & everything will work out.

    • Justin Hamlin / Jan 26 2011 1:18 pm

      Yeah, quite the list! Juliet and I are making some progress, just hard to fight the feeling of not having enough time.

      In the end, we will be fine, just worrisome that it might cost us out of pocket money if we forget anything, either to ship it back to us in NY, or to have to purchase things we already have, just don’t have with us in NY.

  2. Bryan / Jan 27 2011 11:29 am

    You’ll be fine man. I know it’s stressful. Remember, I did it TWICE, and both times we were moved by a company that picked up the tab.

    You’re doing far more planning than we ever did though, so all of the up-front stress that you’re dealing with now should pay off later.

    The second time we moved across the country, we were put up in a Residence Inn for a month, and couldn’t find a place to rent during that time that fit into our budget, so we ended up hastily buying a house (that decision we ended up regretting later, and to this day) since the monthly mortgage was going to be cheaper than what rent would be for less than half the living/storage space.

    Good luck to you in it, and try not to stress too much. It’s all part of “getting busy living” and it’s an experience that will stick with you. Both of our big moves have with us.

    • Justin Hamlin / Jan 27 2011 11:36 am

      Yeah, I know we will be. The problem as I describe it to people is that we are moving in 3 stages, and all 3 stages are not mutually exclusive, they are very interdependent.

      Right now, we are packing in boxes what we will need for the next 6 months in corporate housing (clothes, computer, etc). If we will need it in 2 weeks, then it goes into our checked luggage.

      We have in our checked luggage clothes/necessities to survive for up to 2 weeks in case our boxes get delayed. If we wont miss it for 2 weeks, then it goes in the boxes.

      Then we are also planning what we will need in a month, versus 6 months, as I will be coming back to CA in March to do some work and pick up the Tahoe, so I want to be able to bring anything we forgot we needed, without having a car piled full of stuff.

      As it stands right now, I think we are good. Juliet made some good progress yesterday, and I made some last night. The boxes get shipped tomorrow, FedEx coming to pick them up. As things start to fall into place, the stress subsides.

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